The staff at ACFTN are committed to delivering 24/7 services to homeless and runaway youth 365 days a year.

Annamaria Loghetti - Shelter Manager

Annamaria has a long and dedicated history working with ACFTN. She started out as a dorm overnight counselor and was eventually chosen as the Dorm Manager. After serving in this position for years, Annamaria was chosen to oversee all of the operations at ACFTN. Annamaria has many duties as manager, but she still loves to stop by the dorms and start a pick-up game of soccer.

Kevin Scribbs - Dorm Manager

Kevin oversees both dorm buildings. He ensures that all our program participants have a place to stay and have their needs met. Kevin works closely with youth, dorm counselors, and family service workers. After providing safe shelter for youth, his favorite part of his job is helping them decorate the dorms for holidays.

Bailey Phillips - Family Services Coordinator

Bailey is ACFTN's main point of contact between youth, their families, and the ACFTN Staff. She arranges family therapy sessions and manages the case workers that work with our youth as they plan transitions in and out of the shelter. Her favorite part of her job is seeing her clients set goals and achieve them.

Priya Morrison - Clinical Counseling Administrator

Priya manages a team of four clinical counselors at ACFTN. Together, they deliver individual and family counseling to our program participants. Her favorite part of her job is group therapy sessions.

Daniel Eason - Recreation Coordinator

Daniel is in charge of planning the fun activities that our participants enjoy. This includes rec hours, shelter events, group activities, and field trips. His favorite part of his job is watching participants make new friends.