Welcome to ACFTN

In 1980, the Association for Children and Families opened its doors to homeless and runaway youth. When local research in Tennessee uncovered a huge lack of resources for homeless youth, the organization was formed to fulfill this need for service.

We use the funding we receive to offer:

We provided services for about 2,000 youth and families per year. We offer several programs designed for specific populations of youth at risk. These programs work as a team to reach as many youth as possible and make a large impact on the community. Our programs are free to our clients so we can help those must in need have a chance at a better future.

Transitional Living

This long-term program is designed to prepare youth between the ages of 16 and 21 for adulthood. The program provides consistency, comfort, and safety. Not only are youth in this program provided with food, shelter, and medical care, but they will also have access to mental health services, education assistance, job aptitude evaluation, career planning services, and recreation opportunities.

Emergency Youth Shelter

This short-term service offers support for youth between ages 6-18 every night. This shelter program is designed for the individual and will provide what's needed immediately. For youth who have been sleeping on the streets, this program can offer them safety and support as soon as they arrive.

Shelter for Teen Mothers

This two-year program aids teen mothers and their children. We provide teens the parenting resources they need to support their families. Each participant is assigned a case manager who helps them achieve their goals.

Street Outreach Services

Our Street Outreach Services allow our case managers teens who are living on the street and may be in danger. Three nights a week, case workers search the streets for homeless youth and build relationships with them. If the individual refuses the shelter on the first visit, they are left with a hygiene kit and the ACFTN toll free number.

Community Counseling

Our counseling services are available for individuals, groups, and families. Mental health treatment is an integral component to the success of the youth in our programs.